Welcome Bay Pop Shop! Maryland Inspired Artwork & Merchandise Designed By Ramon Matheu!

About the Artist

Ramon Matheu Pop Art

Ramon builds on the traditions of the 1960s and 1970s Pop Art masters.  His artwork brings together bright colors and playful themes celebrating beauty and life while projecting an optimist sense of energy and style.

Ramon lives on Kent Island, Maryland, where the nature and wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay inspire many of his works.  His works are known for their creative twists and plays on words that often carry a message about the local environment or wildlife, such as his iconic "Protect Then Serve" theme associated with Maryland's famous Blue Crab or "Shuck Responsibly" to raise awareness about over harvesting oysters.

A note from Ramon:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my Online Store.  It provides me the opportunity to transition my art into products that people can use every day. My art is no longer restricted to works that simply hang on a wall, and can now become a lifestyle, a way for people to literally wear my artistic images to demonstrate their love for the  Chesapeake Bay. 

The collections I present to you such as - the brand new Oyster Can-dles; Crab Camo line; Protect Then Serve; Live, Steamed, Picked; and more - are just the beginning.  More exciting art, designs, and products are coming in the near future. Please know that you are purchasing something uniquely designed by me and don't be surprised when someone asks you where you got it! I hope that you will check back often and follow my progress as I grow.

Thank you,