Welcome Bay Pop Shop! Maryland Inspired Artwork & Merchandise Designed By Ramon Matheu!

Production times and Delivery dates

Many of our products on this website are custom made, especially for you by one of our third-party vendors. Production doesn’t begin until you place your order, and product delivery times may take longer than other online purchases you are used to because of the custom manufacturing process.

In normal times, production starts and orders are shipped as soon as possible, with the entire process usually taking 1-2 weeks, or even up to 3 weeks.

Please Make your Holiday Season Orders per the schedule below.
Shirts, hoodies, and other apparel by December 8th
Shoes by December 2nd
Print Artwork by December 8th
Canvases by December 4th
Candles and other home decor by December 8th


by December 2nd using regular standard shipping to make sure you get your order in time for December 25!