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Colossal Crab

Colossal Crab

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Colossal Crab

The Colossal Crabs shown in this artistic work represent the millions of Blue Crabs that are harvested each and every year in the Chesapeake Bay. The consumption of the Blue Crab's delicious meat is in growing demand while the population of this native species has been on the decline for decades! Pollution, loss of natural habitat and over fishing are only a few of the contributors. A single female Blue Crab(or Sook) can produce up to eight million eggs, yet many of the females are still harvested and even while the egg sacs(sponge) are intact! This means less females make it to the mouth of the Atlantic ocean where the baby crabs are born into saltier water. The consequences of these actions are irreversible and have a direct, colossal impact on the survival of this species!

Printed on Somerset Velvet paper from Epson • 100% cotton • Acid-free • Archival Ink

16w x 20h inch print is limited to 250 prints.

Pricing is subject to change as the edition sells.

This print is only available as a Limited Edition and will require custom matting and framing. It will be hand rolled and shipped in a cardboard tube to assure safe delivery. Sizes not listed are unavailable for this art. Each print will be hand signed, dated and numbered by Ramon Matheu.