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Octoberfest 2011

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Octoberfest 2011 Poster Design featuring the the steamed Blue Crab and a dark beer

Das einzig Wahre, translates in English as "the real deal"

Trink Brudereim Trink, translates in English as "Drink Brother Drink" and is a popular song in German Pubs as they lock arms and swing(or sway) side to side.

Reinheitsgebot, translates in English as the (Beer) Purity Law. It refers to a decree issued by the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV on April 23, 1516, during a meeting of the Assembly of Estates, at Ingolstadt, north of Munich. The original text says that “We wish…forthwith that…in all our towns and markets and in the countryside no other items be used for beer than barley, hops, and water.”

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