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People of the Sun

People of the Sun

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People of the Sun

The next time you're in front of a sunflower, be sure to look closer at the seeds and you just may see what has been pictured here! A community in a flower, a family of seed people surrounding their King and Queen with a few familiar celebrities of their own. You just may see them waving back as if to say "hello, we're here, we're here!"

Printed on Somerset Velvet paper from Epson • 100% cotton • Acid-free • Archival Ink

24 x 24 inch print is limited to 100 prints.

Pricing is subject to change as the edition sells.

This print is only available as a Limited Edition and will require custom matting and framing. It will be hand rolled and shipped in a cardboard tube to assure safe delivery. Sizes not listed are unavailable for this art. Each print will be hand signed, dated and numbered by Ramon Matheu.